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We help dogs and their people live enriched lives through outreach education and learning-focused adventures.

We offer fun and unique experiences for dogs and their people. Since 2018, we have supported our members through education and enrichment opportunities in a positive, welcoming, and inclusive environment.

A comprehensive program for training, socializing, and enriching your dog’s life as well as your own through physical and mental enrichment, outdoor adventures, and education from experts.

Our learning-focused adventures take place monthly both in-person and online. Take advantage of in-depth education and resources from our professional dog handlers and partners.

Our Airbnb in Barrington, NH offers the perfect getaway for you and your furry family. No breed, size, or temperament restrictions, and there is never a cleaning or pet fee. 

Engaged employees equal productive employees. Treat your employees, and their furry BFFs, to a rewarding experience that shows you value their dedication to your company.

We offer a unique and engaging way to reach our community through strategic marketing activities and collaborations for corporations, pet professionals, and local pet charities.

Looking for a quiet and safe place for your dog to get some physical and mental enrichment? Check out Golden Dog Playground located in Barrington, NH and hosted by Sniffspot.

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Our Membership is Something to Bark About

A comprehensive program for training, socializing, and enriching your dog’s life as well as your own through physical and mental enrichment, outdoor adventures, and education from experts.

High Paws & Howling

Protect the Environment

Celebrate Earth Day: Practice Sustainable Living with Your Pets

As we observe Earth Day , it’s an opportune time to reflect not only on our environmental impacts but also on those of our beloved pets. Scroll to the bottom to download our Earth Day freebies. Pets enrich our lives in countless ways but inevitably contribute to our ecological footprint. However, with mindful practices, we

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Canine Enrichment

Understanding Social Learning for Dogs: Importance and Practical Activities

Social learning is a critical aspect of canine behavior that influences a dog’s ability to interact with other dogs, animals, and humans. It involves acquiring behavior through observation and interaction rather than through direct teaching or trial-and-error. This article explores what social learning is, why it is crucial for dogs, and specific activities that guardians

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Pet Safety

Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe During a Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse is a celestial event that occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, casting a shadow over Earth and, for a brief period, fully or partially obscuring the sun’s light in certain areas. During this awe-inspiring phenomenon, the sky gradually darkens as the moon aligns with the sun, leading

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Pet Health

Tail-Wagging Golden Years: Creating a Happy Home for Your Aging Dog

In the world of canine companionship, senior dogs hold a special place in our hearts, embodying years of love, loyalty, and memories. As our furry friends enter their golden years, their needs evolve, necessitating adjustments to ensure their comfort and happiness. Helen St. Pierre, a professional dog trainer and an advocate for senior dog care,

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Connect with Your Pet

Beyond Obedience: Embracing a Deeper Connection with Your Dog

Over the past several months, we have been conducting Listening Sessions on Dog Training Methodology with our community. These have been very enlightening as passionate dog guardians shared what they believe, practice, and hope for the future. As a follow up to the Listening Sessions, a panel of five of our dog training partners tackled

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