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We help dogs and their people live enriched lives through outreach education and learning-focused adventures.

DOWNLOAD 16 Favorite Swimming Spots for Your Dog

We have spent over five years curating a premier list of hikes, trails, dog-friendly eateries, and unique swimming spots across New Hampshire and Southern Maine. While we treasure our collection of locations, we’re excited to share a selection of these spots with our community, keeping some exclusive secrets just for our members. Download to access. You will also receive our bi-weekly updates on dog-friendly reviews you can trust, fun new places you can explore with your furry BFF, trending education in canine health and wellness, and unique adventures to join with like-minded people!

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We offer fun and unique experiences for dogs and their people. Since 2018, we have supported our members through education and enrichment opportunities in a positive, welcoming, and inclusive environment.

A comprehensive program for training, socializing, and enriching your dog’s life as well as your own through physical and mental enrichment, outdoor adventures, and education from experts.

Our learning-focused adventures take place monthly both in-person and online. Take advantage of in-depth education and resources from our professional dog handlers and partners.

Our Airbnb in Barrington, NH offers the perfect getaway for you and your furry family. No breed, size, or temperament restrictions, and there is never a cleaning or pet fee. 

Engaged employees equal productive employees. Treat your employees, and their furry BFFs, to a rewarding experience that shows you value their dedication to your company.

We offer a unique and engaging way to reach our community through strategic marketing activities and collaborations for corporations, pet professionals, and local pet charities.

Looking for a quiet and safe place for your dog to get some physical and mental enrichment? Check out Golden Dog Playground located in Barrington, NH and hosted by Sniffspot.

Our Membership is Something to Bark About

A comprehensive program for training, socializing, and enriching your dog’s life as well as your own through physical and mental enrichment, outdoor adventures, and education from experts.

High Paws & Howling

Holiday Hazards

11 Memorial Day Weekend Pet Safety Tips

Memorial Day weekend is a time for remembrance and celebration, often marked by gatherings, barbecues, and outdoor activities. While these can be fun for humans, they can pose various risks to our furry friends. Here are 11 tips for keeping your dogs safe and comfortable during the Memorial Day festivities. 1. Beware of Toxic Foods

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Canine Enrichment

Boost Your Dog’s Confidence with Sensory Exploration

In a calm and relaxing environment at Barrington, Barks & Behavior , Monica Allaire-McMahon has crafted a unique sensory and enrichment experience that caters to dogs of all temperaments and abilities. A Sensory Explorers Session is more than just a simple outing; it’s a unique journey into the sensory world of your canine companion. Venue

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Connect with Your Pet

Pawsitive Steps: Inclusive Adventures for Every Dog, Including Reactive Ones

EVERY dog deserves a chance to explore and enjoy outdoor activities, even those with reactive behaviors. At Golden Dog Adventure Co., we specialize in creating safe, inclusive, and positive experiences tailored to accommodate dogs of all temperaments, including reactive ones. Here’s how we ensure a welcoming environment for every member of our pack, especially those

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Pet Safety

Safe Car Travel with Dogs in New England: What You Need to Know

Exploring New England’s picturesque landscapes can be even more enjoyable when you have your furry friend as a co-pilot. However, traveling by road with your dog requires careful planning to ensure their safety and comfort. We’ve compiled expert advice and tips, including insights from Dr. Lisa Boyer, a local veterinarian, and owner of Animal Health

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Dog Friendly Swimming

How to Keep Your Dog Safe from Cyanobacteria in NH Waters

DOWNLOAD our 16 Favorite Swimming Spots for Your Dog. When venturing out to swim with your dogs in New Hampshire’s waters this summer, it’s crucial to be aware of the risks posed by cyanobacteria blooms , commonly known as blue-green algae. These blooms are increasingly common in NH due to factors like nutrient pollution from

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Canine Enrichment

Building Resilience in Your Family Dog

Navigating the challenges of canine behavior requires an understanding of resilience, a quality that enables dogs to adapt successfully or recover swiftly from stress. Laura Gendron, owner of Miss Behavior Training, a professional dog trainer, and licensed family dog mediator, provides a deep dive into building resilience in your family dog. Understanding Canine Resilience Resilience

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