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2024 Doggy Summer Olympics

2024 Doggy Summer Olympics

A Celebration of the Canine Spirit & Companionship

We are excited to announce that the Olympics are back and will run from July 26 – August 12, 2024, including Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

The Doggy Summer Olympics first debuted in 2021. This year, we are offering more events for our canine athletes and additional host locations throughout New Hampshire.

These events continue to celebrate the canine spirit as well as the bond between handler and dog. In addition, they highlight the importance of mental stimulation and physical health, offering diverse competitions that cater to both a dog’s sensory experience and athletic ability.

The 2024 Doggy Summer Olympics are designed to celebrate the bond between dogs and their guardians through a series of fun, positive, and safe events. Our mission is to create an environment where dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes, and temperaments can showcase their physical and mental skills. This event is unique in its commitment to inclusivity and safety, ensuring every participant, regardless of their ability, including those with special needs like senior dogs and those in wheelie carts, can have a joyful and rewarding experience.

We invite your company to get involved with this year’s festivities. By joining, you’re not just promoting your brand; you’re supporting an event that celebrates the joy, health, and well-being of dogs and their guardians.

Together, we can create a memorable experience that highlights the strength of our community, the love for our canine companions, and the positive impact of businesses that care.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Boost Your Brand – Partner with Golden Dog for Impactful Visibility and Engagement

New this year, we are offering fun, unique, and highly visible opportunities for your company to gain exposure during the games.

In 2021, our Olympics were picked up by , The Portsmouth Herald, and The Pet Buzz as well as shared across multiple social media channels and profiles creating a ground swell of interest in our first ever Olympics. 

Since the 2021 Olympics, Golden Dog Adventure Co. has grown in size attracting more members, partners, collaborators, and followers on social media. 

We anticipate this year’s Olympics to reach a larger audience, attract more canine athletes, and interest reporters and journalists from broadcast, print, and social media outlets.

In addition, partners, collaborators, and our community will share posts, highlights, shout outs, and event postings with their followers. We estimate our reach this year will well exceed one million dog lovers.

Maximize Your Impact

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Partnering with the Doggy Summer Olympics puts your brand in the spotlight among a passionate and engaged community of dog lovers, offering visibility across multiple platforms, from social media to on-site presence.
  • Community Engagement: Sponsorship is your opportunity to show your brand's commitment to community and animal welfare, engaging directly with an audience that values corporate social responsibility and supports businesses that give back.
  • Targeted Marketing: Align your brand with a premier pet-centric event, reaching a dedicated demographic of pet owners, enthusiasts, and professionals in a meaningful and impactful way.
  • Media Exposure: Benefit from extensive media coverage, including press releases, media mentions, and potential features in local and regional news outlets, amplifying your brand's reach beyond the event attendees.
  • Social Media Reach: Leverage the event's robust social media campaigns and engaged online community to increase your brand's online presence and interact with a wider audience before, during, and after the event.
  • Networking Opportunities: Gain VIP access to the event, offering exclusive opportunities to connect with other businesses, influencers, and decision-makers in the pet industry, opening doors to future partnerships and collaborations.
  • Customer Loyalty: Aligning with an event that promotes health, wellness, and fun for pets and their owners can enhance your brand's image, fostering loyalty among current customers and attracting new ones who share these values.
  • Customized Engagement: Enjoy the flexibility to tailor your sponsorship to meet your marketing goals, whether through sponsored events, interactive booths, or branded merchandise, ensuring a meaningful connection with participants.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Demonstrate your company's commitment to giving back by supporting an event that not only celebrates the bond between pets and their owners but also contributes to local animal charities and welfare organizations.

Sponsor the 2024 Doggy Summer Olympics

Don’t miss out on this fun, unique, and impactful way for your company and brand to reach a passionate and engaged audience of dog lovers. In addition, you will be supporting Golden Dog’s mission to create and offer welcoming, positive, and safe events for all dogs regardless of size, breed, ability, age, and temperament. 

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