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Core Beliefs & Values

Our Core Beliefs & Values

  • We believe dogs are family.
  • We believe that the human/dog bond is strengthened through quality time spent with a community of people who have similar interests and beliefs about pet care.
  • We believe dogs learn best using positive, fun, and enriching training methods.
  • We believe collaborations with pet professionals benefits our members by offering the best educational resources for learning and growing.
  • We believe that time spent in the natural world reduces stress, increases happiness, and improves the health of dogs and their people.

Our Mission

To bring dogs and their people together for connection, education, and exercise in a positive, welcoming, and fun environment.

Our Vision

To build a community of dog owners who are dedicated to the health and wellness of their pets using positive reinforcement techniques and sustainable pet care practices.

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A comprehensive program for training, socializing, and enriching your dog’s life as well as your own through physical and mental enrichment, outdoor adventures, and education from experts.​

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