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Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

Our Adventure Guides are experienced dog handlers and have worked with reactive dogs and dogs in need of additional space (D.I.N.O.S.). They each have their certification in pet and human first aid and CPR. In addition, they are skilled hikers, background screened, friendly, knowledgeable, and have completed our 8-week training class for guides. 

Traci Bisson

Owner/Founder/Adventure Guide

As a child, Traci spent most of her time outside. From morning until night, she would play in the woods with friends, build forts, look for animals, and enjoy getting dirty.

Ray Bisson

Adventure Guide/Club Photographer

Ray has a strong love of the outdoors and a keen interest in history. He enjoys camping, biking, skiing and boating with his family, and is an avid photographer.

Kate Sullivan

Lead Adventure Guide

Kate is a licensed foster parent and an active volunteer at her kids’ schools. She enjoys hiking with dogs, loves to run, and has completed three half-marathons.

Diane Morgan

Adventure Guide

Diane loves to be outdoors enjoying long walks with her two rescues and geocaching, hiking, golfing, and gardening. Prior, she spent 30 years in the event planning field.

Ellie Pyle

Jr. Adventure Guide

Ellie loves to spend time hiking, kayaking, and traveling. She is also an active member of her school’s Environmental Club and an assistant teacher at her dance studio. 


Adventure Guide Asst.

Dakota is a Collie/Brittany Spaniel mix who has learned new socialization and pack skills by participating in walks. She enjoys sharing all the good smells with other dogs.

Ms. Gilly

Adventure Guide Asst.

Ms. Gilly is a Cattle Dog/Shepherd mix who enjoys meeting new dogs on the trail. She also likes to “moderate” interactions between other dogs if she feels they are not getting along.


Adventure Guide Asst.

Comet is a Collie mix with a kind and gentle spirit. She loves to chase her ball, sniff out treats and pretend she is a small lap dog when cuddling. She is great on leash and loves meeting new friends.

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Our adventures take place monthly both in-person and online. You can participate in special events, pop-up adventures, socials, holiday activities, dog training events, and much more. 

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