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2024 Summer Doggy Olympics

On Your BARK, Get Set, GO!

2024 Summer Doggy Olympics Here We Come

The games have begun!

A Celebration of the Canine Spirit & Companionship

We’re excited to announce that the Summer Doggy Olympics are returning from July 25 to August 12, 2024, featuring an Opening Ceremony on Thursday, July 25th at 7:00pm and a Closing Ceremony on Monday, August 12th at 7:00pm. Both ceremonies will broadcast live on the Golden Dog Facebook Page . We invite you and your furry friend to join us in this celebration. On Your BARK, Get Set, GO! Doggy Olympics Here We Come.

First launched in 2021, this year’s event has grown to include a wider range of competitions and additional host locations throughout New Hampshire, further celebrating the incredible bond between dogs and their guardians.

In addition, there are dozens of opportunities for reactive dogs and those needing additional space to join the fun. Our *NEW* reactive dog-friendly ticket ensures a positive experience for canine athletes who need special consideration. 

The Olympics aims to highlight the importance of physical health and mental stimulation through diverse competitions tailored to different canine abilities. These events are designed to challenge and entertain, catering to a dog’s sensory experiences and athletic prowess, all while fostering a fun and positive atmosphere.

By participating in the Doggy Summer Olympics, you and your dog will engage in unique activities that not only test your teamwork but also enhance your bond. It’s also an opportunity to meet other dog lovers, learn from each other, and celebrate the spirit of canine companionship.

Our mission is to create a welcoming and safe environment where dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes, and temperaments can demonstrate their skills. This commitment extends to inclusivity, ensuring that every participant, from reactive dogs to the most energetic puppies and senior dogs as well as those with limited mobility, can have a positive experience.

Everything You Need To Know

The following information will help you learn all about this year’s Olympics, ensuring you and your furry friend are fully prepared and can make the most of each event. From registration details to reactive dog information, we’ve covered everything you need to know for a positive and enjoyable experience.

Let the Games Begin!

Participating in the Summer Doggy Olympics offers numerous benefits, enhancing the well-being of both dogs and their handlers. Our competitions include physical exercise and mental enrichment activities. Activities at the Olympics strengthen the bond between dogs and handlers, providing shared experiences that build trust and companionship.

Mental Competitions

  • Longest Tail Competition
  • Longest Sit & Stay Competition
  • Treat Toss Competition
  • Howling "Singing" Competition
  • Ice Cream Licking Competition
  • Sensory Explorers Competition
  • Canine Water Carnival Competition
  • Urban Pawsathlon Competition

Physical Competitions

  • Treat Triathlon Competition
  • Pool Toy Retrieval Competition
  • Fun Fitness Competition
  • Water Fun Competition
  • Intro to Parkour Competition
  • Intro to Agility Competition
  • Obstacle Course Competition
  • Fido's Fun Run Competition
  • Intro to Trick Competition
  • Intro to Nosework Competition
Karen L.
Karen L.Rochester, NH
Read More
This event was incredible. It was so well run and the dogs were always in a safe environment. My dog, Lucy, had a blast trying new things.
Alina R.
Alina R.Dover, NH
Read More
My favorite event was the Sensory Exploration, second Howling Comp and third the longest sit/stay. They allowed Liam to freely express himself naturally and with his practiced skills.
Nancy B.
Nancy B.Nottingham, NH
Read More
Try it - lots of fun, great people and pups - good way to challenge yourself and your dog. Lots of support, laughs and camaraderie from other competitors.
2021 Participant
2021 Participant
Read More
This group is such a wonderful place for dogs of all skill levels and social levels to be themselves and grow a bond with their person. The Doggy Olympics allowed an opportunity to see all the things my dog could do that I never imagined possible as he gained courage and skills to be the best doggy he can be. Such an amazing experience ...can’t wait until next time!
2021 Participant
2021 Participant
Read More
My dogs and I had a great time at the Doggy Olympics. The atmosphere was friendly and supportive, and participants were all respectful of my dogs' need for extra space. It was fun to try new things without having to make a big financial or time commitment. We can't wait for the next one!
Jayme T.
Jayme T.Milton, NH
Read More
I signed up for the Doggy Olympics with both Cody and Charlie since my days have been consumed by more work than fun. Cody loves adventures and just being with me and Charlie needed to exercise his brain. Plus I really wanted to try dock diving and well Cody doesn't really swim... so I asked mom if I could borrow Chuckie. I am so proud of everything Charlie and Cody tried over the last few weeks and so proud of Charlie for coming in 2nd place in the Doggy Olympics! A big thank you to everyone that ran the events! The boys and I really had a great time at all the events and hope to join the fun next time!
2021 Participant
2021 Participant
Read More
We liked them all. I enjoyed Doggy Games and also liked the opportunity to check out sensory explorers as I haven't had a chance to attend at her regular times. The Bubble Catching Game was good fun.
2021 Instructor
2021 Instructor
Read More
I enjoyed being part of the Doggy Olympics! It was organized and well run. So fun to be part of the events where dogs and people are having so much fun!
April Begosh
April BegoshCanine Strong
Read More
The Doggy Olympics was a perfect activity for me to be able to introduce and showcase canine fitness training. It also allowed me to show people how canine fitness is about so much more than strength and conditioning, that it is about communication, connection and bonding with your dog. It was heartwarming to see how much fun both the dogs and the handlers had with the challenges we created for them. From an organizational standpoint, Golden Dog made it really easy for me to focus on the dogs, the people and the events. All of their systems, from marketing to scheduling to reporting results were easy to follow and took a lot of legwork out of the process for me. Participating in this activity provided great exposure and publicity for me and I can already say that I have some repeat customers because of the experience that they had with me through the Doggy Olympics.
Troy Gerry
Troy GerrySeacoast Dock Dogs
Read More
This was a wonderful experience, enjoyed watching team work between the dogs and their humans as they tried to figure out how to get to a place of trust. It wasn’t easy and not everyone succeeded but they all tried their best and that’s all you can ask for.

Choose Your Olympics Competition Package

This year, we have 3 Packages to choose from. Our Royal K9 Package offers 7 competitions and provides the best experience with lots of bonuses; our Supreme Pup Package offers 5 competitions and still allows you to compete for gold; and our Top Dog Package is great for just getting a taste of the Olympics or for adding on additional competitions to your Olympics’ experience. Be sure to add on the Competition & Training Support Package (below) to upgrade your Olympics experience and give you and your pup an edge on this years’ games. For every competition you enter, you will receive an entry in our Closing Ceremony giveaways. The more events you compete in, the more entries into the giveaways you earn!

2 Competitions

Sample events or purchase as an add-on
$ 80
  • Choose 2 activities to compete in
  • Compete for event, division & achievement medals
  • Eligible for Closing Ceremony giveaways
Top Dog

5 Competitions

Go for gold with this package
$ 195
  • Choose 5 activities to compete in
  • Compete for event, division & achievement medals
  • Compete for gold, silver, and bronze trophies
  • Eligible for Closing Ceremony giveaways

7 Competitions

Most popular with lots of BONUSES
$ 275
  • Choose 7 activities to compete in
  • Compete for gold, silver, and bronze trophies
  • Compete for event, division & achievement medals
  • Free dog bandana if registered by July 20th
  • 50% off one Top Dog package as an add-on
  • Receive an athlete wag bag, valued at $75 (1st 25 registrants)
  • Eligible for Closing Ceremony giveaways

Once you choose a competition package above, an email with additional information will be sent to you explaining how to choose your individual competitions. 

To review the variety of competitions available before choosing a Package above, visit our Events Calendar and click on event boxes showing the official Doggy Olympics logo. If prompted, enter password: 3333. We have several dozen events to choose from during the time period of July 26 – August 11.

If easier, you can also access our MASTER LIST for a spreadsheet look at scheduled events. Since some our individual sessions, they may be sold out. Visit the Events Calendar for an up-to-date look.

Competition & Training Support Add-On Package

Looking for an edge in this year's Doggy Olympics? Add on this package for additional insight and tips from instructors, judges, and host sites as well as discounted training packages from Partners.
$ 35
  • Facebook pop-up support group from 6/27 - 8/12
  • Expert Coaching and Tips: Gain access to exclusive insights and coaching tips from experienced instructors and judges
  • Discounted Training Sessions: Receive discounts on training sessions and packages from participating partners
  • Priority Competition Registration: 48-hour early access to register for events before other participants
  • Olympics Ask the Vet Session: Dr. Boyer will share info on canine health & wellness and answer questions on 7/29 (access to replay)
  • Live Training Q&As: Join sessions with certified dog trainers and canine fitness experts on proper warm up exercises and stretching
  • VIP Access: VIP seating for families and friends during the competition (as space allows)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Summer Doggy Olympics consists of physical and mental activities in both group and individual settings. For a full listing and description of competitions, visit our Events Calendar.

There are no refunds for the Doggy Olympics. If your event is canceled due to weather or covid, we will work with the instructor and host site to reschedule. Participants will also have the option to choose another event if available.

The trophies we award are not made of the metals listed, but are special and unique nonetheless. 

There are several criteria by which each participant is judged. You will find this information listed under each competition on our Events Calendar. Instructors and guest judges have official tracking sheets and athletes are judged on a scale from 1 to 5 for each criteria listed. If a competition includes a longest… or fastest… criteria, that calculation will also figure in to the final total. An athlete must participate in at least 5 events to be eligible to compete for gold, silver, and bronze. The more events a dog participates in the better the chance of a higher score. Judges awards and other recognitions can also be earned throughout the Olympics.

Judges include instructors of events listed on our Events Calendar as well as guest judges who are highlighted below on this page.

After choosing your Olympics Package, within 24 business hours, you will receive a detailed email with instructions on how to sign up for your competitions. Each competition listed on our Events Calendar includes where the event takes place. In addition, you will receive an email 24 hours before your competition start time with all the details you need to have a fun, safe, and positive experience. 

YES! Many of our events also cater to the needs of sensitive dogs and those who need additional space.

The competitions on our Events Calendar that are most appropriate for reactive dogs include a reactive dog-friendly symbol (🐶). In addition, we include a reactive dog comfort level rating under “is this event good for reactive dogs?” Review this information to help you choose which competitions your sensitive pup will be more comfortable competing in.

For every competition you enter, you will receive an entry into our Closing Ceremony giveaways. This information will be automatically tabulated for you. The more competitions you enter, the more entries you earn!

The 50% off discount code to add on one Top Dog package will be emailed to you once your registration is received. 

Competitions/events last from 5-10 minutes (*e.g. longest tail and longest sit/stay) up to 2 hours (e.g. Water Fun Competition and Fido’s Fun Run). On average, most events last 30-45 minutes.

After registering for the Competition Package of your choice, you will receive an email within 24 business hours with additional details. 

If you purchased the Competition & Training Support Add-On Package, your event sign up process begins on Sunday, July 7th. If you did not purchase this add-on package, your sign up process starts on July 9th.

Prior to signing up for events, you can review all competitions offered on our Events Calendar. Search for events with the official Doggy Olympics logo and when prompted, enter password: 3333. 

YES! We love senior dogs. Many of our events are well suited to the needs of sensitive and older dogs as well as those with limited mobility or in wheelie carts.

If you would like to discuss your dog’s specific needs and learn about events that would work well for them, feel free to contact us directly at or call/text (603) 815-2453 for additional info.

There are several types of awards and medals being offered at this year’s Doggy Olympics:

  • Gold, Silver & Bronze Trophies – These will be awarded to the canine athlete who participate in 5 competitions or more and has the highest overall average score.
  • Competition Medals – The dog with the highest overall score in an individual competition will be the winner and will receive a medal for their accomplishment.
  • Division Trophies – Dogs can also win trophies in several divisions, including our Puppy Division, Senior Division (8+ years old), and our Wheelie Cart Division.
  • Achievement Medals – Instructors and Judges will also award achievement medals based on canine athlete accomplishments that they want to recognize. 

All winners will be announced at our Closing Ceremony which will broadcast live on the Golden Dog Facebook page on Monday, August 12th.

Each canine athlete must have their own competition package to participate. This is a unique bonding experience for you and your dog and we encourage you to enjoy every moment of this precious time you spend with your dog.  

Other than a comfortably fitted harness (with handle recommended), a 6-8 foot leash, and high value treats, there is nothing additional you should need for your dog. Hosts and Instructors will supply anything additional that is needed!

Prior to each competition, you will be emailed an event reminder with additional details and info on what to bring.

Please note that aversive training tools and retractable leashes are NOT allowed at any of our events and competitions. Please familiarize yourself with our Community Guidelines

Spectators are unable to join us for safety reasons. If someone registers for the Doggy Olympics and chooses the Competition & Support Training Package, that offers VIP access for friends & family.

2024 Summer Doggy Olympics Merchandise

Golden Dog Club Members, save an additional 15% off your swag purchase. Your discount will automatically appear at checkout!


Meet Our Guest Judges

Several of our events have guest judges also evaluating the competition. If a guest judge will be attending an event you have signed up for, you will see this information listed below JUDGE(S) under each competition listed on our Events Calendar.

We Are Grateful for Our Sponsors

Without these wonderful sponsors, our Olympics games would not be possible. Please show your love and patronize these businesses regularly!

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