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Associate Partners

Associate Partners

Partner with Golden Dog Adventure Co.

Are you looking to reach dog guardians throughout NH, MA, & ME in creative and memorable ways?

**NEW** this year is a brand new way to partner with us and engage with our passionate community of dog lovers. Joining Golden Dog Adventure Co. as an Associate Partner offers unique marketing opportunities for pet professionals and organizations based in NH, ME, and MA who align with our Core Beliefs and Values. As a respected leader in the pet industry, we offer exposure and networking opportunities to enhance your brand and foster deep connections with dog guardians as well as collaborate with other pet professionals and businesses.

Exclusive Access to Our Community

As an Associate Member, you will gain exclusive access to our growing community on Facebook , which boasts over 3.3K passionate and engaged dog lovers, for creating awareness of your products, services, and events. We will help you to focus on educational and relationship building marketing strategies vs. blanketing the community with your sales messaging. Additionally, any events you post will be included in our weekly newsletter.

Collaborate with Other Partners

Through our private Partner group on Facebook, you will benefit from networking and collaboration opportunities with corporate, expert, and charitable partners, providing a rich environment for learning and growth.

New Opportunities in 2024

Based on feedback from our 2023 partner survey, we’ve completely revamped our marketing program for pet professionals this year. We are excited to introduce a new model that offers additional opportunities to reach our audience, engage with them meaningfully, and gain valuable exposure for your expertise and company. If you are interested in becoming an Associate Partner, please complete our brief questionnaire to receive a copy of our marketing program packet.

Program Benefits


In addition to the many partner benefits you earn, you also receive all the benefits associated with our regular Club membership.


Engage with our community via the discussion section of our Facebook group. Our welcome packet offers tips and resources for maximizing your exposure.

Post Events

Post your events to our calendar throughout the year regardless of cost or location. These events will automatically be included in our weekly newsletter.


Gain awareness with a larger audience through collaborations with our corporate, expert, and charitable partners as well as other associate partners.

Partner Logo

Permission to use the Golden Dog Associate Partner logo on your website, promotional materials, and in your social media outreach.

Support Group

Monthly, we offer a marketing support group focused on networking and education. Sessions are archived in the Partner FB group.

Partner Group

Join our collaborative group on Facebook with other partners to network, look for collaborations, and share industry trends and data.

Special Events

We host special events monthly that offer additional opportunities to reach dog lovers with your product or service in creative ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

We collaborate with NH-based, ME-based, and MA-based pet professionals who demonstrate a commitment to our Core Beliefs & Values. We also collaborate with pet pros throughout New England who service our target audience as well as national experts who offer topics of interest to our community.

We support NH-based nonprofits by helping to raise funds and create awareness of their causes. Since our program was established, we have raised over $40K to support local pet charities with the help of our partners, members, and community.

Yes! If a dog trainer does not adhere to our Core Beliefs & Values, we will not work with them or allow them to connect with our community.

Expert Members in our Partner Program qualify to participate in a revenue share of events they collaborate on. This option is not available for Associate Partners. 

Associate Partners receive some of the same benefits as Expert Members, but are not able to participate in outreach education or highlighting of their expertise. However, the Associate Partnership option offers lots of great ways to reach our passionate and engaged audience of dog lovers at a savings. 

Once your completed questionnaire is received, you will receive a copy of our Marketing Program Packet for consideration. If you like what you see, we will schedule a Zoom interview to learn more about your business, your goals, and your current marketing & PR strategy. We will also review the program with you, including benefits and investment. If you would like to move forward with the process, your application goes to our other partners for review and feedback. You will receive a final response on acceptance within 5-7 business days.

We do not offer a payment plan for Partner memberships. We are looking for businesses to be all in and committed to the partnership for at least one year in order to take full advantage of the marketing and PR benefits offered. If after the first year you decide the partnership is not for you, or if we feel it has not been a good fit, the program can be canceled with no further payment due.

What Makes Us Unique

Golden Dog Adventure Co. is widely recognized as a respected brand within the pet industry, renowned for its commitment to ethical practices and community-driven initiatives. The credibility of our brand is significantly enhanced by the deep expertise of our founder and owner, Traci Bisson, who brings over 8 years of experience in the pet industry and 30 years of experience in marketing and public relations. This extensive background ensures that Golden Dog Adventure Co. not only understands the nuances of effective communication and brand growth but also possesses a profound understanding of pet care dynamics and industry standards. Our founder’s leadership and vision have been instrumental in establishing Golden Dog as a trusted leader in fostering humane, informed interactions between humans and their canine companions.

Committed to Innovative Pet Care Practices

Golden Dog Adventure Co. is at the forefront of pet care innovation. Our dedication to a positive, relationship-based training model as well as our proactive and innovative approach to outreach education and learning-based adventures, set us apart. These initiatives demonstrate our commitment to improving the quality of life for dogs and their guardians, aligning with the latest in humane and effective training methodologies.

Engagement and Visibility Opportunities

Our partners benefit from unique exposure and engagement opportunities. By joining us, you gain access to a large, active community of dog lovers on Facebook, where our group has over 3.3K members. 

Collaborative and Supportive Network

We foster a collaborative environment that encourages the sharing of ideas and resources among partners. Our brainstorming sessions, monthly marketing support group, special event collaborations, and networking events are designed to facilitate partnerships that leverage collective strengths. This collaborative ethos not only enhances each partner’s business but also enriches the broader community’s experience.

Tailored Marketing Initiatives

Based on extensive feedback from our partners, we’ve tailored our marketing initiatives to be more impactful and beneficial. Our new marketing model, introduced in 2024, focuses on creating additional opportunities for partners to engage with our audience, showcase their expertise, and enhance their market presence. This approach ensures that each partner’s unique strengths are highlighted and effectively utilized.


Join as an Associate Partner

Join us as an Associate Partner at Golden Dog Adventure Co. and elevate your impact in the pet industry. Collaborate with like-minded professionals and gain access to our dedicated community. Our network is expanding as we establish new partnerships with dedicated pet professionals and businesses committed to excellence. If you are passionate about providing top-tier products and services to the local pet community, we invite you to join us. Fill out the questionnaire below, and a member of our team will contact you to arrange a Zoom introduction.
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