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Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness Program

A Unique Experience for Your Employees

You care about your employees and want them to feel engaged and connected at work. Engaged employees equal productive employees. We can help!

About Our Program

Treat your employees, and their furry BFFs, to a rewarding experience that shows you value their dedication to your company. Our events help strengthen the human-animal bond through fun, trust-building activities. This in turn increases employee engagement and retention as well as attracts qualified candidates to your company.

  • enrichment
  • fitness
  • exploration
  • engagement
Wellness Pet Company Take Your Dog to Work Day 2022

Connection games and activities at end-of-summer BBQ.

Guided trail walks, exploration, and connecting with nature.

Canine fitness activities and games at Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Arts and crafts provides enrichment for humans and canines.

Program Offering


A fun and stimulating mental workout for both humans and canines, including sniff-o-ramas, brain puzzles, canine/human team games & competitions, pattern training, sensory pits, and arts & crafts.


Get your team moving and connecting with interactive workouts, including dog parkour, natural stations, follow the leader, training exercises, dog sport sampler, and movement games.


Spark their curiosity and interests through trail walks, doggy socials, swimming, mountain hikes, scavenger hunts, nature walks, apple picking, mindful walks and connection activities.


Activities to reconnect people to each other, management, and their workplace, offering opportunities to boost potential and job satisfaction, including roll-the-die, picnic connection, and the dog biscuit game.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will work with your team to create a fun and unique experience for dogs and their people within your budget. Our program offers a number of different options depending on your company’s goals. Base programs start at $1,500 for a half day event.

When you hire Golden Dog Adventure Co., you can expect a dedicated team of professionals who love to have fun and create unique experiences for dogs and their people.

Our team of professional dog handlers will ensure a fun, welcoming, and inclusive event that exceeds your expectations. In addition, our team members are human and canine first aid and CPR certified and carry the supplies needed to ensure everyone’s safety.

Events are also customized for you with a focus on sustainability and earth-friendly practices. 

If needed, our team can also handle the event registration and confirmation process so that you do not need to worry about managing these details.

We advise companies to allow at least 8 weeks planning time to ensure an unforgettable event. There are many steps to the process that need to be managed, including:

  1. Initial meeting to review goals and specific needs.
  2. Site review to look at space and other set up needs (if applicable). 
  3. Submit budget for review and approval.
  4. Customize events, order supplies (if needed), set up registration process, and reserve staff time.
  5. Create contingency plan (i.e. weather, covid, canine respiratory disease, other emergencies).
  6. Ensure a unique experience for your team!

Contact our Corporate Wellness Team at or call/text: (603) 815-2453 to discuss your specific needs and goals and receive a customized plan and quote.

Yes, Corporate Partners receive 10% off of Corporate Wellness Packages. 

Barefoot sensory activity at End of Summer Party


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Book a Corporate Wellness Program for 2023

Make a commitment to your employees and your company to implement a unique and fun corporate wellness program this year. We will help you customize an experience that boosts moral, reconnects teams, improves relationships between management and staff, and reminds everyone how much you care about their health and wellbeing.

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