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The pet professionals, companies, and organizations listed below adhere to our Core Beliefs & Values. It is a requirement of being listed in the Resources section of our website. As with any expert or company you would hire, please do your research, check references, and ask questions to ensure the best fit for your needs. If you have questions or concerns, or would like to report a positive or negative experience with any of the contacts listed below, please reach out via our Contact Us form.

Mary's Dogs Rescue & Adoption

Northwood, NH

We are about to hit our 10 year anniversary of the birth of our rescue! With the help of southern rescue partners, we have rescued and rehomed thousands of dogs through the years. In 2016 we became a nonprofit and have continued the work that was started as an LLC. We have a wonderful team of staff and volunteers that support us in bringing 50-60 dogs to NH to find their forever each month.

Live and Let Live Farm

Chichester, NH

Live and Let Live Farm’s Rescue and Sanctuary is an animal shelter that rescues abused and unwanted animals, mainly horses, and pregnant dogs and cats, and provides them either a temporary or permanent safe place to interact with people. When applicable, we will try to find appropriate homes for rehabilitated animals. Those animals that are considered un-adoptable will be given lifetime care at our farm.

Hero Pups

Stratham, NH

Hero Pups is a New Hampshire-based, non-profit organization that pairs support dogs with veterans and first responders throughout New England who have been diagnosed with service-related psychological challenges. Hero Pups was founded on the belief that since our Heroes have already given so much, it’s the least we can do to provide them a companion to help them lead a happier life, free of charge.

Pope Memorial Humane Society

Dover, NH

A community-funded, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, Pope Memorial Humane Society (PMHS) is dedicated to promoting the humane treatment of animals in Strafford County, NH and Southern Maine. We are a safe, temporary home for more than 1,000 surrendered, lost, abused, neglected, or unwanted animals each year.

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