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Pet Professionals, companies, and organizations located in New Hampshire

The pet professionals, companies, and organizations listed below adhere to our Core Beliefs & Values. It is a requirement of being listed in the Resources section of our website. As with any expert or company you would hire, please do your research, check references, and ask questions to ensure the best fit for your needs. If you have questions or concerns, or would like to report a positive or negative experience with any of the contacts listed below, please reach out via our Contact Us form.

Canine Strong

Concord, NH

Our goal is to help you unleash your pet’s pawtential! Through rehab and wellness services, individual and group canine fitness classes, and pet wellness classes, we aim to bring you all of the tools you need to help your pet live their happiest and healthiest life through every age and stage! Founded in 2021 by two incredible women, passionate about animal health and wellbeing, Canine Strong is your destination for pet wellness in New Hampshire and surrounding states.

Pampered Paws K9 Massage, Nottingham, NH

We are the foremost choice for canine massage in the New Hampshire area and have extensive experience helping canines recover from sports injuries, accidents, arthritic pain and surgeries. Jenn Schaaff, CCMT, works with Veterinarians to create a custom treatment plan for each client. This is a must for those looking for a canine masseuse. Jenn travels to your home where your pet is most comfortable and will relax and enjoy all the benefits of their session.

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