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Have Questions About Membership? We have Answers !

If you do not see your discount reflected in your cart at checkout, make sure you are logged into the site so your membership is recognized. Double check the username and email address you are using to make sure they are correct. If this does not remedy the situation, please email our Member Care Team at for assistance.

For safety reasons, we allow each participant to bring up to two dogs to an event. There are times when we limit participation to one dog/person for maximum happiness. This information will be posted in the event listing.

Yes. Up to two children, age 13 and under, can accompany you at no additional charge to Pack and Pop Up Adventures as well as Member Only and Special Events. Please note that most Special Events have a minimum age requirement to participate for safety reasons.

Up to two children, between the ages of 14-18 are welcome to attend in-person events with you and use your member discount to reserve tickets for Pop Up and Pack Adventures as well as Special Events. They can also attend Member Only Events with you at no additional charge.

Since our Official Club Events are focused mainly on dog training activities and have limited tickets, we ask that you do not purchase tickets for children, which allows other members the opportunity to participate.

Yes. We can’t wait to welcome your human and furry family to our special events. As a Member, you can purchase 3 additional tickets for friends and family at your discounted member rate (for a total of 4 tickets).

The majority of our events are hosted in Strafford & Rockingham County, but we do get as far west as Concord, NH and extend south into Essex County in MA and York County in ME. Occasionally, we will host special events in additional areas depending on the type of event and venue.

Yes! If a dog trainer does not adhere to our Core Beliefs & Values, we will not work with them or allow them to connect with our members.

Facebook is the platform we use for our Community . We share tips and resources and support other dog lovers with fun and lively discussions. Our live education happens in our Zoom Room, and is then archived and searchable in our Online Library. If you are not on Facebook, you will still have full access to the Curriculum, but you will be unable to participate in the group sharing and discussions.

We collaborate with certified dog trainers, canine fitness experts, veterinarians, pet photographers, animal communicators, and other pet professionals who demonstrate a commitment to our Core Beliefs & Values. Most experts we work with are located in NH, ME, or MA, but we occasionally bring in national and international experts who offer topics of interest to members.

Occasionally, we run Special Events that have a per dog fee instead of a per person fee. This is based on the venue, available space, activities offered, and supplies needed. In some cases, dogs can be accompanied by two humans at no additional cost. Look for details about pricing in each event posting (i.e. Doggy Easter Egg Hunt, some dog training events, etc.)

All events posted include a cancellation deadline. This is the deadline by which members and not-yet-members must cancel their event registration to avoid being charged. 

If you are paying with a punch card or free pass, you are still required to pay the fee if you have canceled after the deadline. A Venmo link will be sent for payment.

Registration fees pay for researching and planning events, and driving to venues to check conditions of trails as well as staff time.

Most events have a 48 hour cancellation window some have a 72 hour to 1 week cancellation window depending on the venue. Fundraising and online event fees are non refundable.

You will always find this information under the COST section of each event posted. 

Thank you for understanding that our team works hard to create and plan safe, welcoming, and inclusive events for our members and community.

For Member Only Events, you may bring one additional adult who will arrive in the same car as you and up to two children, under age 18, at no additional cost. Please reserve the correct number of tickets and include this info in the NOTE section at checkout.

Our Membership is per person. Significant others must have their own membership plan to attend events at the discounted member rate. They may join a Member Only event with you but must pay the not-yet-member rate to attend Pop Up, Pack, and Official Club Adventures.

As a member, you receive 15% off all items in our Store. An option to consider, vs. getting a 2nd membership for a family member, is to purchase a Punch Card for events using your Store discount. This discounts the cost of Pop Up and Pack Adventures for these events. 

Members and their family have first option of tickets for events when announced at the end of the month. If you have a significant other who is not a member and would like to attend an event with you, they may purchase their ticket at the not-yet-member rate at the same time. 

Have Additional Questions?

Please reach out; we are here to help!

Are you having trouble finding information you need? Do you have questions about your membership benefits? Want to just say hello? We want to hear from you. Please contact us anytime at or text/call (603) 815-2453. We look forward to connecting with you!

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