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Start a Dog Walking Club 2023 Challenge

The Start a Dog Walking Club Challenge runs January 9 – 19, 2023, $47 (includes 2 bonuses). Value of $694.

Participants will learn how to:

  • DAY 1: Research & Develop Concept (January 9th)
  • DAY 2: Define Purpose & Goals (January 10th)
  • DAY 3: Establish Identity (January 11th
  • DAY 4: Plan Events (January 12th)
  • BREAK (January 13th – 15th)
  • DAY 5: Attract & Engage Members (January 16th)
  • DAY 6: Monetize Group (January 17th)
  • DAY 7: Grow Membership (January 18th)
  • CHALLENGE RECAP (January 19th)

Join the Challenge and receive 2 BONUS OFFERS:

  • INCLUDES: Dog Walking Club Guidelines with Inclusive Statement (Value $47)
  • INCLUDES: General Liability Waiver, Covid-19 Waiver of Liability and Video/Photograph Release Form for members to sign prior to attending an event. (Value $147)

HURRY, registration for the Challenge ends on Friday, January 6th. After registering, you will receive a welcome email with all the details!


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