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STOP! Walking Your Dog with Niki French (Video)

Do you have a difficult time walking your dog? Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed walking your dog in a public setting with other dogs around? Do you have a scared, nervous, or reactive dog? Do you fear for your life wondering how you will keep an unleashed dog away from your dog who needs additional space?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then STOP! walking your dog and watch this video for an in depth conversation with professional dog trainer, founder of Pup Talk and Twickenham Dog Services, and author, Niki French who shares practical, fun, and easy ways to train your dog and help them (and you) live a calmer, happier life.

You will learn:

  • Why your dog reacts the way they do
  • How to train your dog and teach them the skills they need in life
  • Why you shouldn’t feel pressured to walk your dog
  • Positive and negative “bucket fillers” for your dog
  • Fun games and activities to enrich and engage your dog’s life

Niki French is a dog-mad, people-loving, award winning dog trainer.

Her hugely successful 30 year career as an international Sales and Marketing Director, was interrupted by a bicycle accident in 2014. But this became the catalyst for a complete life change. It led her back to her childhood dream of working with animals and in 2019 she set up Pup Talk and Twickenham Dog Services. Her ‘CEO’ is Bodie, a lively young Collie Lurcher Cross, from Battersea Cats and Dog Home.

Niki is now a full-time Pro Dog Trainer (PDT) and Dog Training College Approved Dog Trainer (DTC-ADT). She excels at helping dog-owners to learn how to leave stress and frustration behind with simple, fun, and transformational training exercises to help build a stronger bond with their pup. Niki is also an Amazon number 1 best-selling author with STOP Walking Your Dog and the founder #dontwalkyourdogday, which is celebrated annually on April 2nd.

Working with owners of many breeds of puppies, nervous rescues and adult dogs with ingrained behavior problems, Niki achieves real life results with easy training games the whole family can play.

Niki is on a mission to give people belief, knowledge, support, and to provide the ongoing tools needed for us to become our dog’s best trainer. She believes no dog is beyond help and is passionate that training should be an enjoyable part of daily life.

Because having a dog shouldn’t be hard work.

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