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Working Through Your Own Anxiety to Help Your Reactive Dog with Cecilia Erhabor (Video)

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In this video, Cecilia Erhabor, dog behaviorist/trainer, coach, YouTuber, streamer and owner of Player Two Dog Training located in the UK, discusses her own experience with anxiety and panic attacks and how that has helped her understanding of the reactive dogs she trains and works with.

Through her own experiences and struggles with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Cecilia is able to empathize with both ends of the leash and regularly does so through her work with clients and their dogs with various behavioral and training issues. In this talk, she discusses her experiences with anxiety, how she manages her anxiety, and how this helps her relate and be compassionate with herself, her clients, and their dogs.

Participants will:

  • Gain insight into what anxiety is and how this insight can actually help clients;
  • Be given strategies and advice on how to manage anxiety;-Be provided with a framework to help decide whether to push through a situation or not;
  • Gain further empathy for clients and their dogs that may struggle with anxiety.

Cecilia coaches owners and their dogs to “level up” their relationships! By combining her love of teaching with her love of dogs, Cecilia coaches owners and their dogs to overcome a wide variety of dog behavioral and training problems. Cecilia believes in building positive relationships through proper communication and mutual understanding to raise well behaved dogs that can exist successfully within their own families and society.

In addition, Cecilia also successfully competes in gundog sports with her working golden retriever, Honey.
For more information, visit Player Two Dog Training.
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