How to Throw a Puppy Shower for Your New Addition

Adding a new furry friend to your family is always an exciting time. Whether a puppy or older dog, consider throwing a Puppy Shower . According to Little Pampered Dog, Every Dog, No Matter the Age at Adoption, Deserves a Puppy Shower.

The purpose of a Puppy Shower is to celebrate a new canine addition to a wonderful family. Puppy showers are similar to baby showers but they are for a furry baby instead. Guests can bring gifts as well as their own dogs if you want them to. You can also send invitations, decorate, have party favors and play shower games.

Puppy Shower Activities offers 7 Puppy Shower Planning Tips, including when to throw a Puppy Shower, what food and drink to serve, and fun activities to do at the shower.

Here are a few ideas for Puppy Shower activities thanks to Little Pampered Dog:

  • Guess the number of treats: Put dog treats in a big doggy treat jar. Make sure to count the treats! Have your guests make their best guess as to the number of dog treats in the jar. The guest who guesses closest to the actual number of treats without going over wins! The prize can be the jar of treats or they can win another prize suitable for a human and then the new dog gets the treat jar filled with treats.
  • Name the dog: If the dog hasn’t been named yet, guests can make suggestions and then vote for their favorite. The name with the most votes wins! If the dog has been given a first name, you can still play the game – just have the guests suggest a middle name! The owner is in no way obligated to accept the name for their dog, but wouldn’t it be funny if that is how the dog got their name?
  • Match the Dog: Guests bring pictures of their own dogs and the host numbers each picture and pins the pictures to a board. Guests then try to match the picture to the owner. The guest with the most matches wins!

Remember Safety First

Your main concern when it comes to your Puppy Shower should be safety for you, your guests, and your puppy according to Puppy showers can be a lot of fun for people and for dogs, but both humans and canines have limits. Just keep in mind that it’s easy for a puppy to get overwhelmed, and a scare at this impressionable age can turn into a deep-seated fear. Make the experience festive, but not so lively that your pup is hiding under the sofa.

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