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Charitable Partner’s Program

Charitable Partner’s Program

Attention NH-Based Pet NonProfits

Are you looking for marketing and fundraising help?

We invite NH-based pet nonprofits, who subscribe to our Core Beliefs and Values, to apply to our Charitable Partner’s Program. This program is newly revised for 2023 in an effort to offer additional assistance to nonprofits to maximize their fundraising efforts. Charities that receive support in 2023, must wait 1 year before reapplying.

Charitable Partner’s Program

Annually, we support several local charities by helping to raise funds and create awareness of their causes. Since our program was established in 2019, with the assistance of our members and partners, we have raised over $21K (not including donated goods/services) to support local pet charities.

Past recipients of our program include ElderPet, Live and Let Live Farm, Hero Pups, Mary’s Dogs Rescue & Adoption, and Pope Memorial Humane Society (Cocheco Valley).

Nonprofits interested in our program, must be a 501(c)(3) organization and complete our application process, which asks for information about your mission, marketing and financial needs, and how the funds requested will be used.

How the Program Works

Every year, our fund is replenished through misc. donations from our community and partners as well as four key fundraising events – Doggy Easter Egg Hunt (April), National Dog Pawty Day (June), Golden Paw Awards & Gala (September) and the Corn Maze & Halloween Pawty (October).

Funds raised from the annual Dover Dog Howloween celebration, co-produced with our partner Greg West Photography, are earmarked to support Pope Memorial Humane Society (Cocheco Valley).

As funds become available, NH-based pet charities are welcome to apply for funding under these guidelines:

  1. Funding requests must not exceed $500.
  2. Only 1 request per year will be accepted from a nonprofit. If your request was denied, you may reapply.
  3. Your application must show how the money you would receive from our Charitable Partner’s Program will be used to increase your revenue through fundraising efforts.
  4. If awarded the funds, you must complete our brief summary report within 3 months of receiving assistance.

Deadline for Submission

In 2023, we have three submission deadlines for funding consideration:

  • Funding Round #1: application deadline is May 1st
  • Funding Round #2: application deadline is July 1st
  • Funding Round #3: application deadline is November 1st.

Your completed application must be received by the deadline to be considered during that funding round. If your application for funds is not approved, you may reapply in a future funding round.

To apply for funds in the 2023 Charitable Partner’s Program, please complete our application.

Our management team reviews all applications within one week of the funding round deadline. You will be notified within 2 weeks of the funding round deadline if your application is approved. Funds are paid out within 30 days of the submission deadline. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Charitable Partner’s Program started in 2019 prior to the covid-19 crisis. When activities and events were put on hold, we had to restructure the program in order to continue generating awareness of our Charitable Partners and raising funds for their organizations. Since its inception, we have raised over $21K (not including donated goods and services) for our charitable partners. 

The Golden Dog Adventure Co. management team carefully evaluates all applications submitted by the funding deadlines and chooses organizations where our help can make the biggest impact increasing revenue and awareness for NH-based pet charities.

In 2023, we have three submission deadlines for funding consideration:

  • Funding Round #1: application deadline is May 1st
  • Funding Round #2: application deadline is July 1st
  • Funding Round #3: application deadline is November 1st.

Your completed application must be received by the deadline to be considered during that funding round. If your application for funds is not approved, you may reapply in a future funding round.

The management team at Golden Dog Adventure Co., which consists of the Owner, Lead Guide and Events Manager, determine which applications will be funded during a funding round. 

We’re looking for three basic things:

  1. Your mission. We’re looking for information on how your organization helps pets and their people. 
  2. Plans for growing/starting your charity. We’re not looking for a formal business plan, but we want to understand your strategy for becoming a sustainable organization. You are encouraged to share an explanation of how you’ll achieve business success. It might include some mention of your market, your team, the things you’ve overcome so far, and the challenges you still face.
  3. Plans for the marketing support and funds raised. Tell us how you will use the marketing support offered as well as donated funds to help with your company’s fundraising efforts. We only support applications that show how our donation will be used to make your organization more money. 

We request that businesses be a pet-focused charity based in NH and a 501(c)(3) organization. The applicant must also be at least 18 years old.

We do not provide individual feedback on applications. 

There is absolutely no cost to participate in the Charitable Partner’s Program. Golden Dog Adventure Co. has a commitment to giving back and supporting the local community hence the reason this program was created.

At this time, we are only funding requests up to $500. This may increase in the future. We are a small company and we want to share the wealth by helping as many NH-based pet charities as possible in 2023.

If your application is funded, you may not apply again until next year.

If your funding request is denied, you may reapply during the next funding round.

Funding requests are filled within 30 days of the funding round deadline. 


If you have questions about our Charitable Partner’s Program, please contact Traci Bisson, Owner/Founder at or call/text (603) 815-2453.

Please do not contact us for feedback on an application that was denied.

2022 Golden Paw Awards & Gala
2021 Golden Paw Awards & Gala to support
Mary’s Dogs Rescue & Adoption.

Past Recipients

We offer funding support, volunteer help, and marketing/PR services to boost your fundraising efforts.

Program Benefits

Marketing Support

Take advantage of creative, unique, and fun ways to reach dog lovers throughout our service area with your message and services.

Post Events

Post your fundraising events to our calendar throughout the year. These events will also be highlighted in our weekly newsletter.

Media Outreach

Your organization will be included in social, print, and broadcast media outreach to promote events and fundraising opportunities.


Gain awareness with a larger audience through collaborations with our corporate partners, expert members, and other charitable partners.

Special Events

We host special events monthly that offer additional opportunities to reach dog lovers with your information in creative ways.


Engage with our Facebook community in fun and unique ways. Our welcome packet offers tips and resources for maximizing your exposure.

Behind the Scenes

Gain exposure to a larger network of dog lovers with behind-the-scenes interviews which is shared across multiple social media channels.

Partner Logo

Permission to use the Golden Dog Adventure Co. Charitable Partner logo on your website, promotional materials, and in your social media outreach.

2021 National Dog Pawty Day Fundraiser
2021 National Dog Pawty Fundraiser with Cow Palace Creamery.

Marketing/PR Strategy

Expansion Plan

Golden Dog Adventure Co. has over 3.1K engaged dog lovers in its online Facebook community from NH, ME, MA, and CT.

As part of our Phase 1 – Phase 2 expansion plan, we are hosting events in the Seacoast area as well as west to Concord, south to northern MA, and into southern ME. We expect to expand further into MA and into the lakes region of NH by the end of 2023.

A Respected Brand

Golden Dog Adventure Co., formerly the NH Dog Walking Club, established in 2018, is a well-respected organization in the communities it services. Their 44, 5-star reviews on Google attest to this. In addition, 84% of community members surveyed in 2020, agreed that we have a trusted and respected brand; 16% neither agree nor disagree.

Expansive Network

Golden Dog Adventure Co. is fortunate to be supported by a large network of corporate partners and expert members. In addition, we have connections with several charitable organizations throughout the state as well as national organizations through the Pet Sustainability Coalition. 

Decades of Experience

Association with our brand communicates trust, respect, compassion, and professionalism. Traci Bisson, owner and founder of Golden Dog Adventure Co., has over 30 years’ experience in marketing and PR, 16 years of which she owned her own marketing/PR firm.

Apply to the Program

Our network grows as we continue to partner and collaborate with passionate and dedicated nonprofits. If your organization can benefit from marketing and financial support, please apply to the Charitable Partner’s Program.

Our Application Submission process is now open for 2023. See our funding application deadlines above.

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