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Expert Members

Expert Members

Attention Pet Professionals

Are you looking to reach dog lovers throughout NH in creative ways?

We invite NH, ME and MA-based pet professionals, who subscribe to our Core Beliefs and Values, to join Golden Dog Adventure Co. as an Expert Member. 

Exclusive Access to Our Community

As an Expert Member of the Club, you will gain exclusive access to our community. In addition, you will have access to our Featured Expert Program; a unique marketing initiative with partner collaborations.

Our Expert Members include certified dog trainers, canine fitness experts, veterinarians, pet store owners, pet photographers, animal communicators, and other professionals who demonstrate a commitment to our Core Beliefs and Values. 

About the Featured Expert Program

The Featured Expert Program focuses on educational vs. sales based marketing through in-person events, live interviews, behind the scenes tours, training sessions, fun activities, and collaborations with our other partners.

If you are a pet professional interested in learning more about becoming an Expert Member and participating in our 2024 Featured Expert Program, please complete our brief questionnaire to receive a copy of our marketing program packet.

Survey Feedback

Based on survey feedback from Featured Experts in 2021, we have completely revised our marketing program for pet pros this year. We are very excited about the new model which offers additional opportunities to reach our audience, engage, and get valuable exposure for your expertise and company.

Program Benefits

Marketing Support

Take advantage of creative, unique, and fun ways to reach dog lovers throughout our service area with your message and services.

Post Events

Post your events to our calendar throughout the year regardless of cost or location. These events will automatically be included in our weekly newsletter.

Media Outreach

Your company will be included in social, print, and broadcast media outreach to promote events and fundraising opportunities.


Gain awareness with a larger audience through collaborations with our corporate and charitable partners as well as other expert members.

Special Events

We host special events monthly that offer additional opportunities to reach dog lovers with your product or service in creative ways.


Engage with our community via the discussion section of our Facebook group. Our welcome packet offers tips and resources for maximizing your exposure.

Pop Up Talks

Gain exposure to a larger network of dog lovers with live broadcast interviews through StreamYard onto multiple platforms.

Partner Logo

Permission to use the Golden Dog Expert Member logo on your website, promotional materials, and in your social media outreach.

Marketing/PR Strategy

Expansion Plan

Golden Dog Adventure Co. has over 3K engaged dog lovers in its online Facebook community from New England and beyond. As part of our Phase 1 – Phase 2 expansion plan, we are hosting events in the Seacoast area as well as west to Concord, south to the MA border, and into southern ME. We expect to host events throughout most of NH by the end of 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

We collaborate with NH-based, ME-based, and MA-based pet professionals who demonstrate a commitment to our Core Beliefs. We have also partnered with pet pros throughout New England who service our target audience as well as national experts who offer topics of interest to our community.

Annually, our members chooses a NH-based, pet charity to support. Golden Dog raises funds for this nonprofit throughout the year, creates awareness of its cause, and features them in promotional materials.

Yes! If a dog trainer does not adhere to our Core Beliefs & Values, we will not work with them or allow them to connect with our community.

Once you join as an expert member, we will schedule a 1-hour brainstorming session to discuss your expertise and all the options that are available for you. As part of that discussion, we will talk about paid collaborations with Golden Dog and what you might expect to receive for pay.

An expert member is a pet professional who pays an annual membership fee to belong to Golden Dog at either the Expert Member or Multi-Expert level. A Featured Expert is an Expert Member who is chosen to offer special programming based on their expertise.

A Respected Brand

Golden Dog Adventure Co., formerly the NH Dog Walking Club, established in 2018, started as a community outreach program of It Takes a Village Pet Care which was a well-respected company in the communities they serviced. It Takes a Village stopped offering services in November of 2021 to focus solely on Golden Dog Adventure Co. In addition, 84% of Golden Dog community members surveyed in 2021, agreed that the company is a trusted and respected brand; 16% neither agreed nor disagreed.

Expansive Network

Golden Dog Adventure Co. is fortunate to be supported by a large network of corporate partners and expert members. In addition, we have connections with several charitable organizations throughout New England as well as national organizations through the Pet Sustainability Coalition. 

Decades of Experience

Association with our brand communicates trust, respect, compassion, and professionalism. Traci Bisson, the owner and founder of Golden Dog Adventure Co., has over 26 years’ experience in marketing and PR, 16 years of which she owned her own marketing/PR firm.


Become an Expert Member

Our network grows as we continue to partner and collaborate with dedicated pet professionals. If you can benefit our members by offering the best educational resources for learning and growing, we would love to speak with you! Complete the questionnaire below and a member of our team will reach out to schedule a Zoom meeting introduction.

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