Increase in Canine Respiratory Infections

Dog owners in our community are worried about an outbreak of canine respiratory infections. Local veterinarians are posting on social media warning pet owners about the infection and how it is not the “typical kennel cough”.

We went directly to our veterinarian partner, Dr. Lisa Boyer of Animal Health Consultants for her feedback and recommendations. Watch the full broadcast interview below.

Since most events are held outside, with the ability for dogs to spread out, Dr. Boyer feels there is a much lower risk to dogs. Inside events will be limited or have extra room to spread out whenever possible. Some events are being restructured to minimize risks and increase safety.

Our Adventure Guide team reinforces social distancing and prohibits the sharing of water bowls at this time until further notice. Per our Guidelines, we will continue to discourage any social greetings between dogs at all of our events.

Safety is our number one priority. If a dog exhibits coughing, sneezing or any nasal discharge, they will need to leave the event.

Participants of our events are encouraged to cancel an event registration if their dog is unwell. 

Concerns and questions should be directed to our support team at or call/text (603) 815-2453.


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