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Join the Start a Dog Walking Challenge, January 9 - 19, 2023

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Are you searching for a unique marketing strategy to increase revenue, attract new clients and build community?

If YES, continue reading…

We will show you how to shift your mindset from selling products and services to creating a competitive advantage by engaging in your community with a Dog Walking Club.

When you transition your focus from selling to serving, you create raving fans who support your business, attract new members, get engaged, and build your brand.

Our team will help you build a sustainable business model by teaching you how to start a dog walking club in your community.

Create a culture of sharing by providing valuable information and connecting dog owners with your network. Members will view you as an expert and leader in the industry and will want to do business with you.

Establish and grow meaningful relationships with dog owners who will trust and respect your brand. These raving fans will tell their network about your Club and company, and may become customers in the future.

Build your company’s platform on a foundation of giving back and supporting others by establishing a charitable partner program for your Dog Walking Club. We will teach you how to create awareness of, and raise funds for, local pet charities in your community resulting in media attention.

In our Challenge, you will learn about...

  • MONETIZING – Create a residual income source for your professional pet business that is reliable and can steadily increase each year.
  • ATTRACTING – Attract members to your Club who will engage in discussions, participate in outings, and share information about the Club with their network.
  • ENGAGING – Engage your members with educational content, surveys/polls, incentives, unique outings, and online events.
  • GROWING – Create a culture members will love by minimizing selling and focusing on education, connection, and exercise.
  • GIVING BACK – Learn why building a charitable focus into your Club’s mission is important for creating awareness of, and raising funds for, local nonprofit organizations in your community.
  • PROMOTING – Learn strategies for reaching the media with community-focused stories about your Dog Walking Club. Build third-party credibility that boosts trust and respect for your professional pet business.

Challenge Agenda

The Challenge, which runs from January 9 – 19, consists of 7 key stages and is taught through a private Facebook Group with live videos, Q&A sessions, and more.

Pet Pros receive a Challenge Workbook complete with detailed instructions for completing each stage as well as planning and goal setting sheets.

DAY 1 Research & Develop Concept (January 9th)
Define your target market, develop your offer, create group guidelines, figure out logistics, and market and advertise your group.

DAY 2 Define Purpose & Goals (January 10th)
Develop your club’s purpose and establish goals for your club.

DAY 3 Establish Identity (January 11th)
Name your club, develop a logo, pick colors and fonts, and create a tagline.

DAY 4 Plan Events (January 12th)
Choose the right events for you club, set up and promote walking and talking events, create a club Pawty, and choose monthly themes for your club.

BREAK (January 13th – 15th)

DAY 5 Attract & Engage Members (January 16th)
Learn how to attract new members to your club, excite your members so they engage, share, and participate in club outings.

DAY 6 Monetize Group (January 17th)
Discover how to make money directly and indirectly with your club, start a featured expert program, and monetize different aspects of your club to make money.

DAY 7 Grow Membership (January 18th)
Create a culture people love, create raving fans that stay engaged, launch a successful membership drive that brings in hundreds of new members in.

CHALLENGE RECAP (January 19th)

This is the first time I have participated in this type of fast paced challenge. I was pleasantly surprised with it and with my ability to complete all of the units. Traci did a great job of packing a lot of important marketing information into the challenge while at the same time keeping the units within the challenge manageable and able to be accomplished in the given time frame. I was really pleased with how the pace of the challenge actually made me more focused and, ultimately, gave me more specific insight into my business goals and pet industry niche.

I was totally blown away with all the information and resources that were provided in the 7-day Launch Your Dog Walking Club Challenge. After, I had the confidence needed to create my Facebook group and begin planning events for 2021. I’ve already connected with potential new clients in my area and I’m excited to be offering additional value to my current clients. Traci's strategies helped me start my Dog Walking Club in as little as one week. I also participated in her masterclass and have a sustainable model for 2021 and beyond.


Our next Challenge launches Monday, January 9, 2023.

Discover our proven method for increasing revenue, attracting new clients, and building community by establishing a dog walking club in your area. 

I’m Coach Traci, dog-cat-chicken-mom-preneur, marketing and PR expert, and founder of Golden Dog Adventure Co.

Many years ago, I left the corporate world because I wanted to care for pets, spend time outdoors, and connect with a like-minded community of people.

In 2016, I started It Takes a Village Pet Care, a sustainable dog walking and vacation pet sitting company.

In 2018, I started a dog walking club as a community outreach program. Since its inception, the club has blossomed into an engaged, active, and passionate group of over 3,000 dog lovers who create awareness of and raise funds for pet charities.

After a successful 30-day membership launch in 2021, which netted over $10K in revenue and 122 members, I rebranded to Golden Dog Adventure Co.

Now, I help other pet professionals learn how to create additional revenue streams with a community-focused dog walking club. 

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