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Do you love a reactive dog?

Reactive Dogs are Welcome

Worried? Embarrassed? Ashamed? Nervous?

These are all feelings you should NOT be concerned about. 

If you love a reactive dog, there is absolutely a place for you as a member of the Golden Dog Adventure Co. We have had great success introducing reactive dogs and their people to our welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment at many different events and activities. 

Traci's reactive dog Dakota

Video resources

Here are some additional resources we have shared with the community over the years about successfully introducing reactive dogs to the pack.

We want you to feel included

We have several procedures and systems in place to make you and your reactive dog feel welcomed at our events, including:

  • Complimentary yellow ribbons, or yellow bandannas for $2 each
  • Awareness of dogs in need of additional space (D.I.N.O.S) at every event with other participants
  • Awareness of the importance of basket muzzle training
  • Visual blocks set up at venues (when possible) to provide a comfortable barrier for reactive dogs
  • Tips, ideas, and resources provided from dog training Partners who have lots of experience working with reactive dogs
  • Ongoing training for all Adventure Guide team members on behavior, body language, reactive dog needs, and more
  • Advocacy/protection for all dogs in the pack when an unleashed dog approaches
  • Limiting social greetings at the start of an event
  • Finding trails that are wide and parking lots that allow participants to spread out
  • Opportunities to rotate your position within the pack

Questions or Concerns?

Questions or Concerns? Reach out to discuss your questions about joining the membership with your special dog at or call/text (603) 815-2453. 

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