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Membership Waitlist Gift

Be our Special Guest at an Upcoming Event

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Have you attended one of our events yet? This is where the magic happens.

We invite you to join an event as our guest where you can connect with like-minded people, get exercise, reconnect with nature, and learn valuable training, socialization, and relaxation skills for you and your dog.

Our adventures foster comradery among people and dogs and offer a fun, safe, and inclusive environment.

Use the special code below to join us for free at an in-person or online event happening between now and September 28th (excludes special events). Please note that this code is unique to you and can be used only once. Enter the code at checkout.

Choose an Event to Join

We host 150 in-person events each year and around 60 online events. Join an event between now and September 28th to see if a Golden Dog membership is right for you. Don’t see many events listed? Check back since we regularly add new events to the calendar.

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