Boost Your Dog’s Confidence with Sensory Exploration

In a calm and relaxing environment at Barrington, Barks & Behavior , Monica Allaire-McMahon has crafted a unique sensory and enrichment experience that caters to dogs of all temperaments and abilities. A Sensory Explorers Session is more than just a simple outing; it’s a unique journey into the sensory world of your canine companion.

Venue and Atmosphere

Held in a secure, tranquil setting, these private sessions ensure that your dog can explore without distractions from other dogs or people. The space is meticulously designed to engage all of your dog’s senses, providing a novel environment that encourages calm and curiosity.

Who Can Benefit?

Whether you are the parent of a vibrant puppy needing gentle exposure, an energetic adolescent, an adult dog that could use a break from their daily routine, or a senior dog that appreciates slower, more thoughtful movement, this session is beneficial.

What to Expect

Each session is guided by Monica, a professional and skilled dog trainer who helps tailor the experience to your dog’s individual needs. As a participant, you will:

  • Observe how your dog uses their powerful sense of smell to navigate the environment.
  • Gain insight into your dog’s preferences and decision-making processes in a safe setting.
  • Collaboratively work through various interactive elements that build trust and encourage thoughtful movement.
Expanding the Sensory Adventure

Monica also offers this enriching sensory experience in larger venues, including the dog-friendly Mall at Fox Run for our annual Sensory Scavenger Hunt. This allows dogs and their handlers to engage in a fun, interactive environment beyond the usual settings. Additionally, Monica collaborates with Golden Dog Adventure Co. to organize seasonal and thematic events like the Annual Doggy Easter Egg Hunt, Doggy Summer Olympics, and other unique activities that promote active and engaged living for pets and their human companions.

Benefits for Dogs and Humans

This activity is not just about physical movement; it’s about mental stimulation and emotional connection. By engaging the “Sniffing Brain,” dogs and humans spend more time in the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a restful and digestible state. This slower pace also helps strengthen core muscles that are essential for your dog’s overall stability and well-being.

A Sensory Explorers Session at Barrington, Barks & Behavior is a thoughtful, engaging, and enriching experience that offers profound benefits for both dogs and their owners. It is an excellent way to strengthen bonds, understand your pet better, and provide them with a fulfilling and enjoyable life experience. Dakota, Gilly, and Comet each give 4 paws up!

To book a session, search for events on Barrington, Barks & Behavior’s Facebook page.

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