Joppa Hill Educational Farm, Bedford, NH

Joppa Hill Educational Farm in Bedford, NH is a wonderful place to take your dog and engage their senses. There is so much to see, do, and smell.

There is a 2 mile hike at the property that explores the 312-acre farm, which sits in Amherst and Bedford. Your adventure will take you on an old farm road, through fields and a forest, and to a beaver farm. You will also see and smell a divers assortment of farm animals, including cows, sheep, ducks, a donkey, llama, a pig, and so much more.

Please note there are free range chickens and a barn cat on the property. Dogs MUST remain on leash and please DO NOT approach the chickens especially if your dog has a high prey drive. 

Here are the details about this trail:

  • 📍 GPS: 174 Joppa Hill Road, Bedford, NH
  • 🅿️ Parking: the lot at the farm can hold 40-50 cars and when that gets full, there is overflow parking across the street
  • 🥾 Length: 2 miles
  • ⛰️ Elevation gain: 193 ft
  • ⚙️ Difficulty Rating: Easy to Moderate (see our Trail Rating & Pace Guide)
  • 🕥 Time: we recommend 2-3 hours since there is so much to see and do
  • 🚶🏽 Pace: Stroll to Moderate so dogs can sniff
  • 🐕 Reactive Dog Rating: Level 2-3 (see our Reactive Dog Comfort Level Chart) – busy during warm weather
  • ✔️ Restroom: There is a port-a-potty off the main parking lot (unsure if it is available in the winter)
  • 📱 Cell service (we use Verizon)
  • 🚫 Hunting: not allowed
  • 🐶 Dogs must be on leash
  • 💩 Please pick up your dog’s waste and carry out
  • 🌐 Website
  • 🗺️ Trail Map
  • 💧 Dogs can access some shallow areas in the brook

After parking, enter the fenced farm area at the gate towards the back of the main parking lot.

To begin your adventure, we highly recommend taking your dog on the hike first to help release some energy and calm them before meeting the farm animals. This will help your dog and the farm animals be less stressed.

The trailhead begins at the cows. Take a left here and head down the path. This is the easier route vs. taking a right.

The trail is easy to follow and loops around fields, forest, and some wet areas. It is a beautiful location.

Upon your arrival back to the farm, take time to stop and enjoy all of the animals and let your dog air scent. Please do not get too close. Keep your dog relaxed and let them enjoy the sites, sounds, and smells of all the aromas the farm has to offer. 

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