Lake Kenoza & Winnekenni Castle, Haverhill, MA

Explore and become enchanted by the Winnekenni Castle (“very beautiful” in Algonquin) overlooking beautiful Lake Kenoza. Inspired by the structures and castles in England, chemist James Nichols built this castle with 35,000 cubic feet of glacial boulders to prove boulders and rocks could be used in constructing a dwelling. The castle was erected between 1873 and 1875 as a retreat home for summer time.

Here are details about this hiking trail:

  • 📍 GPS: 347 Kenoza Ave. (This can be a tricky entrance to find. Look for the stone sign that says Winnekenni Castle. GPS tends to be off with this location.)
  • 🅿️ Parking: proceed past the first parking lot to the second lot after the open gate and past the big field. This lot is not on the trail map. This is a quieter parking lot.
  • 🥾 Length: 3 miles
  • ⛰️ Elevation gain: 226 ft
  • ⚙️ Difficulty Rating: Moderate (see our Trail Rating & Pace Guide)
  • 🕥 Time: 1.5 – 2 hours
  • 🚶🏽 Pace: Stroll to Moderate so dogs can sniff
  • 🐕 Reactive Dog Rating: Level 2-3 (see our Reactive Dog Comfort Level Chart) – dogs occasionally off leash
  • ✔️ Restroom: There are seasonal bathrooms at the entrance of the park (by the tennis courts) and port-a-pottys by the castle.
  • 📱 Cell service (we use Verizon)
  • 🚫 Hunting: not allowed
  • 🐶 Dogs must be on leash
  • 💩 Carry out your dog’s waste
  • 🌐 Website
  • ⚠️ Swimming is not allowed in Lake Kenoza

After parking, cut across the field on the other side of the road and head down towards the water. Here is where you will catch the Dudley Porter Trail (yellow). This trail overlooks the lake and is flatter and wider. Walk along this trail for a few miles, past the Dudley Porter memorial stone benches until you reach the second entrance for the Castle Trail (red). Turn right and climb to Winnekenni Castle. Before reaching the Castle, stop and admire the Cucumber Magnolia Tree near the top.

At the top, you can walk around the beautiful Castle, have a picnic lunch, admire the gardens, sit on a bench in the shade, or just relax on the lush lawn with your dog overlooking Lake Kenoza.

The trail we like to take down from the top is to the left of the castle and across the smaller field. It connects with the Plug Pond Trail (brown). This is a narrower trail through the woods that leads back down to the parking lot.

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