Little Harbor Loop Trail, Portsmouth, NH

Little Harbor Loop is a wonderful trail that explores an open field, the shores of Sagamore Creek, a forest, and a rocky outcropping. Dogs are not allowed on parts of the trail so be aware and follow the instructions below. You can also follow along on a trail map located at

Here are details about this trail:

  • GPS: 400 Little Harbor Road
  • Length: 1.5 – 2 miles
  • Elevation gain: 104 ft
  • Time: 30 minutes – 1.5 hours
  • Difficulty Rating: Easy (see our Trail Rating & Pace Guide)
  • Pace: Stroll so dogs can sniff
  • Reactive Dog Rating: Level 1-2 (see our Reactive Dog Comfort Level Chart)
  • ✔️ Porta Potty in parking lot
  • 📱 Cell service (Verizon)
  • 🚗 Parking: can hold approximately 15 cars. If full, parking is available at the beginning of the road.
  • ❓ Hunting: unsure
  • 🐶 Leashed dogs only
  • 💩 Carry out your dog’s waste
  • 💧 Swimming options for dogs

When arriving by car, watch for the small sign marking the trail and a larger sign that says Creek Farm Reservation. Your GPS may try to take you past the entrance. Once you turn at the Creek Farm Reservation sign, drive almost to the end where you will see an open area and the parking lot. Do not turn left off this road, continue straight.

Once you park, head across the open field and down to the creek. You will pass gardens, a beautiful staircase with stone lions, and the Shoals Marine Laboratory on your left as you head towards the tidal pool areas. If you are looking for a great swimming opportunity for your dog, visit this area at low tide.

Continue to the end of the trail, which reconnects with the end of Little Harbor Road. Follow the road all the way down to where you turned down the long road to the parking lot, but instead turn right and reenter the trail here. DO NOT go to the Wentworth Coolidge Mansion or take the trail from their parking lot. Dogs are not allowed in this area or on this part of the trail.

NOTE: We have seen conflicting information that says dogs are allowed on the grounds of the Mansion. We will confirm after our next visit to this area.

Take the right across from the road to the parking lot and hike out to the beautiful viewpoint and a rocky outcropping. The scenery here is spectacular. This is a great place to stop, take in the view, and have a picnic.

When done, hike the trail back to Little Harbor Road, cross the street, and hike back to the parking lot.

After, treat your human and canine family to a sweet treat at The Ice House, only a few miles away in Rye.

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