Pickering Ponds Walking Park, Rochester, NH

The trails at Pickering Ponds are one of our favorites for senior and reactive dogs as well as dogs with limited mobility because they are flat and wide. If your dog needs additional space to feel safe and comfortable on a trail, this is a great place to go.

Here are details about this trail:

  • GPS: 452 Pickering Rd. (house directly across from entrance)
  • Length: 2+ miles of easy to moderate trails looping along the Cocheco River
  • Elevation gain: 39 ft
  • Time: 30 minutes – 1.5 hours
  • Difficulty Rating: Easy (see our Trail Rating & Pace Guide)
  • Pace: Stroll so dogs can sniff
  • Reactive Dog Rating: Level 1-2 (see our Reactive Dog Comfort Level Chart)
  • 🚫 No bathroom at trailhead
  • 📱 Cell service (Verizon)
  • 🚗 Parking: long dirt parking lot can accommodate 25+ cars
  • 🚫 Hunting: Not allowed
  • 🐶 Leashed dogs only
  • 💩 Trash barrels to dispose of poop bags just beyond entrance
  • 💧 Swimming options for dogs

There are so many opportunities for your dog to stop and sniff the richness deposited by other dogs and wild animals. Please be sure to pick up your dog’s waste and deposit it in the trash barrels near the entrance gate.

You can feel comfortable and relaxed walking your dog on a longer lead at this trail and allowing them to explore and sniff the edge. The trail is wider allowing for parallel walking with another dog or to pull over so dogs coming in the opposite direction can safely pass.

Depending on your dog’s ability and stamina, there are several different loops of varying lengths and difficulty. They all interconnect with one another allowing you to create a longer outing for your dog if desired.

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