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LIVE BROADCAST: Panel Discussion with NOMV Seacoast

Earlier this month, you learned about the important mission behind Not One More Vet (NOMV). In this panel discussion with members of the NOMV Seacoast NH chapter, you will learn about the veterinary team members in our region who play a role in supporting the veterinary community both locally and as a whole.

Join Traci Bisson, owner/founder of Golden Dog Adventure Co., Shannon Emmons, DVM, owner of Eliot Veterinary Hospital in Eliot, ME, Augusta O’Reilly, LCSW, Clara Rautenberg, Emily Salls-Lambert and Dr. Tasha Wilson, owner of Acupetvet in Dover, NH live on Wednesday, February 22nd. In this informational session, panelists will answer questions about their roles in the veterinary profession and explain how they can become involved in improving the well being of those that care for your pets.

We encourage your questions during this live broadcast, and will help you understand why there is a mental health crisis in the veterinary profession.

Throughout the month of February, we will also be raising funds to support the NOMV mission. Please help us reach our goal of $1,000 for the Seacoast Chapter with your donation of any size. Thank you!

We will be streaming live via StreamYard on Facebook and YouTube. Be sure to have your notifications on Facebook set to ALL POSTS.


Dr. Shannon Emmons is a graduate of Atlantic Veterinary College Class of 2017. She is a small animal general practitioner and the owner of Eliot Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Emmons first got involved with NOMV after her own mental health struggles and worked to start the NOMV Ambassador’s Committee. She is the Education Committee Co-Chair and a member of NOMV Seacoast and was recently appointed to the NOMV Board of Directors.

Augusta O’Reilly is an LCSW and Veterinary Social Worker (VSW) in Southern Maine who currently works as the Director of Veterinary Social Work for the Program for Pet Health Equity at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. She is an instructor of Animal Assisted Interventions at the University of Tennessee in the Veterinary Social Work Certificate Program.

Augusta is a co-author of the textbook The Comprehensive Guide to Interdisciplinary Veterinary Social Work. She also provides VSW support to local veterinary clinics, shelters, and Not One More Vet. She recently became the Vice President of the International Association of Veterinary Social Work, where she helps expand the field and enjoys educating others about the VSW work being done worldwide.

Her past work interests include integrating AAI with adolescents using equine-assisted therapy and canine-assisted therapy and providing community-based mental health.

Clara Rautenberg has 15 years of experience in veterinary medicine, and has worked for 8+ years with Trupanion medical insurance to help bring more awareness to insurance as an option and partnering with the Maine & New Hampshire veterinary community to provide more medical care with less focus on money.

Clara has a special love for genetics and behavior which would have likely been her career path prior to discovering her passion for everything Trupanion does. She started volunteering for the local NOMV chapter in New England to help bring more on the ground support for the organization and improvement in mental health within the veterinary community.

She shares her home with her husband Dan and two sons, Levi & Miles, and their current pets which include Ludo(Vizsla), Reese (CKCS), Winni (Torbie), Basil (Himmie), and two Caribbean hermit crabs named Lightening and Thunder.


Emily is currently a LVT at Maine Veterinary Medical Center in the Emergency & Critical Care Department. She has worked there for nearly 6 years transitioning from assistant to extern to nurse.

Emily has worked in laboratory animal and wildlife medicine and as a traveling vet med. Her passion is in ECC and she is currently working on her VTS.

Emily has a passion for teaching and educating the public/students on the in and outs of veterinary medicine. She loves to advocate for the field, especially when it comes to mental health. She joined NOMV due to personal experiences in her life with friends contemplating suicide and always wants to be a support system for anyone who needs it.

Emily recently married this past October to her high school sweetheart and lives with their two labs Moe & Larry. She loves traveling and learning new things and is always looking for her next challenge.


Dr Tasha Wilson graduated from Atlantic Veterinary College in 2005. Working in the field from 2005- 2016 as a general practitioner, she is all too familiar with the stresses veterinarians and their staff can be faced with. It can be difficult to have a good work life balance. Not only that, but “We get into this field because we love animals, and not only does it take a toll on us when we see our patients going thru things that make them uncomfortable, we also want to help the pet owners as well. It can be emotionally toiling.”

In 2016, Dr Wilson started Acupetvet, a pet rehabilitation and acupuncture clinic in Dover NH; with the goal of providing other treatment options for pets to help their quality of life and pain; as well as continuing to help pet parents.

Dr. Wilson got involved with NOMV when she saw veterinary colleagues feeling more stress than ever before and many started leaving the industry. “I wanted to show veterinarians and their staff that they were appreciated and it was okay to take care of “you”. That is when I found NOMV and I became part of the ambassador program to help form Seacoast New England Chapter of NOMV.”

If you have questions, text/call (603) 815-2453 or email


Feb 22 2023


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm




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