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SPECIAL EVENT: 1st Annual End of Summer Picnic


Dogs and their people will be treated to an extra special gathering at our 1st Annual End of Summer Picnic in collaboration with Barrington Bark and Behavior . Between February and August, we will award seven (7) complimentary Golden Tickets, one each month, to a member who embodies the Core Beliefs & Values of the Club. Our Adventure Guide Team nominates members for consideration, and the management team choses the monthly winner. The winner will be notified at the beginning of each month when we go live to roll out events and activities. This member will be our extra special guest at this event.

At the event, participants will begin with a walk along the beautiful shores of Creek Farm Reservation and the Little Harbor Loop Trail. Dogs will enjoy a swim after in Sagamore Creek.

Our special guests will then be treated to a catered picnic and a relaxing afternoon spent with friends. There will also be games, giveaways, and other special surprises. In addition, participants will have a chance to enjoy a special tactile activity with their dog courtesy of Barrington Barks and Behavior. This activity will help you and your dog relax, relieve stress, and increase awareness of your own body.

BareFoot and BarePaw Sensory Path
Take a stroll with your pup down the BareFoot and BarePaw Sensory Path (a quick spritz of sanitizer provided before hand for the humans) and experience a wide range of textures, temperatures, and pressure through thermo- and mechanoreceptors in your feet. Paying attention to this tactile information requires us to slow down and be more mindful, giving us a little window into why our dogs may need much more time to process the world around them than we previously thought.

Barefoot walking can help you feel more grounded, increase your sense of awareness of your body, reduce stress, and increase circulation. Different textures can have a massage like effect and being barefoot may help to reduce back pain as the feet move more as nature intended.

This sensory path could give you a chance to learn about your surface preferences, as well as your dogs, and could lead you to making some modifications for the benefit of both you and your dog.

COST: Limited tickets available

  • Members – $25/person – Your special pricing will be reflected in the CART.
  • Non-members – $35/person

There are no refunds for available for tickets purchased.


This event will be held at Creek Farm Reservation in Portsmouth, NH.

Please review our Club Guidelines, sign our Liability Waivers & Release Forms, and read our covid guidelines on our Events & Activities page.

If weather or covid conditions make gathering and walking unsafe, the event will be cancelled and registered participants will receive a email cancellation notice. It will also be announced in the Event section of the Facebook Group and on this Calendar page.

If you have questions, text/call (603) 815-2453 or email


Sep 10 2022


3:00 pm - 6:00 pm




Little Harbor Loop Trail
400 Little Harbor Road, Portsmouth, NH


Golden Dog Adventure Co.
Golden Dog Adventure Co.
(603) 815-2453
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