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SPECIAL EVENT: Puppy Playground and Playgroup

Did you recently adopt a new puppy and have been looking for a fun socialization opportunity? Join us for Puppy Playground and Play Group with You and Your Dog Training & Services in New Boston, NH.

At this event, your puppy will learn the vital skills of positive novelty exposure, safe socialization with exploring a new environment, confidence building, meeting new people, and puppies (during playgroup, and for an added bonus, they go home tired! Included will be a mini intro to agility course for your pup top try which includes a Klimb platform, jumps, and a smaller practice tunnel.

If you are unsure if this event is right for your pup and would like to discuss, email for assistance. 


The following rules for Puppy Playground and Playgroup are to ensure the utmost enjoyment and safety for all puppy participants and their parents:

  • Proof of up to date, age appropriate, vaccinations. These can be emailed ahead of time to
    1. At 6-8 weeks of age Distemper, parvovirus.
    2. At 10-12 weeks of age DHPP (vaccines for distemper, adenovirus [hepatitis], parainfluenza, and parvovirus).
    3. At 16-18 weeks DHPP and Rabies.
    4. If you take your dog to places other dogs congregate we strongly encourage the Bordetella vaccination as well.
  • Puppy must be under 6 months of age. If joining into the Playgroup (one of the many Playground events), puppy must be comfortable around unknown dogs. If this is your first playgroup please inform the trainers.
  • For maximum happiness and the best experience, no more than 2 people/puppy please.
  • All dogs remain leashed while on our property. Leashes come off only at designated areas with permission from the trainer.
  • While on leash, dogs are not allowed to say hi to each other, instead we recommend rewarding them for being by your side!
  • Please do not touch other people’s puppies without permission.
  • If the puppies jump on you please ignore, many puppies are in training and their people appreciate other people ignoring jumping behavior.
  • Do not grab puppies. Let the trainer guide the play!
  • No treats or toys allowed out in the playgroup area when puppies are off leash.
  • If your puppy is showing any signs of illness before this event please cancel your reservation.
  • Follow the trainer’s instructions.
  • Please understand that playgroup does not come without risks. Scientific research has shown that proper early socialization far exceeds the risks of injury or illness.
  • Anyone who chooses to not follow the above rules may be asked to leave.
  • Not all puppies enjoy puppy playgroup, if your puppy is showing repeated stress signs they may have to leave playgroup to minimize their stress level.

COST: Tickets are limited to 10 puppies. Scroll down to purchase.

  • Members – $25/puppy Your special pricing will be reflected in the CART.
  • Non-members – $35/puppy

Full refund issued if cancellation received 72 hours prior to event start time, otherwise no refund if canceled after. In the event of inclement weather, this event will be cancelled and your ticket refunded.

You and Your Dog Training & Services is located in New Boston, NH. Address and additional details will be sent in your 24-hour event confirmation.

Please review our Club Guidelines, sign our Liability Waivers & Release Forms, and read our covid guidelines on our Events & Activities page.

If weather or covid conditions make gathering and walking unsafe, the event will be cancelled and announced in the Event section of the Facebook Group and on this Calendar page.

If you have questions, text/call (603) 815-2453 or email

The ticket sales has ended!


Aug 07 2022


2:30 pm - 4:30 pm




You and Your Dog Training & Services
New Boston, NH


Golden Dog Adventure Co.
Golden Dog Adventure Co.
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