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SPECIAL EVENT: Sensory Scavenger Hunt @ the Mall at Fox Run


Join us for a sensory experience that will put a big smile on your dog’s face. And when your dog is happy, you are happy, right?

The Sensory Scavenger Hunt at the Mall event, in collaboration with Monica Allaire-McMahon of Barrington Barks & Behavior and the Mall at Fox Run, provides your dog with mental stimulation and enrichment over 600,000 square feet!

Whether you live with a dedicated nose to the ground sniffer, an enthusiastic adolescent or a more dignified mature pup, this event is appropriate for you. Your dog will lead you on a journey to locate over 25 unique scents “hidden” around the mall. Keep track of all of your dogs “finds” on the scavenger hunt map provided for a chance to win a scent prize basket. All dogs will receive a participation award for a job well done! In the event of a tie, a winner will be chosen at random.

In addition, there will be two stations set up in the Mall where your dog can exercise their body with a focus on slow thoughtful movement and connection with you.


Through quiet observation of your dog, you can expect to:

  • Gather information about how your individual dog navigates the world using their exquisite sense of smell;
  • Experience a smiling leash as you follow your pup;
  • Have a glimpse into what choices your dog makes about interaction with the mall environment;
  • Work together through a series of items while building trust and maintaining thoughtful movement.

Engaging the “Sniffing Brain” and slowing down benefits both the dog and human by:

  • Allowing time to gather and process information and choosing an appropriate behavioral output;
  • Spending more time in the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest).

In addition, slow thoughtful movement engages core muscles needed for strength and stability.

Participants will receive an entry towards our November giveaways (must check in), which will be drawn on December 1st.

The Mall at Fox Run is rated Level 1, flat and wide

COST: Limited tickets available.

  • Members – $20/dog (use special event $5 off coupon code found in the Guides section of your member-only group)
  • Non-members – $25/dog
  • Please no children under the age of 15

We highly recommend only 1 dog/person for maximum happiness. However, if your dogs like to work as a team, no more than 2 dogs/person please.

Full refunds issued if cancellation received 48 hours prior to event start time, otherwise no refund if canceled after. 

Mall at Fox Run, 50 Fox Run Road, Newington, NH

Please review our Club Guidelines, sign our Liability Waivers & Release Forms, and read our covid guidelines on our Events & Activities page.

If weather or covid conditions make gathering and walking unsafe, the event will be cancelled and announced in the Event section of the Facebook Group and on this Calendar page.

If you have questions, text/call (603) 815-2453 or email

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